Therefore, it’s becoming increasingly more important to maximize your money and save at the gas station.

So here we’ve compiled 10 best pointers that will assist you to get the most from your dollar!

Shop Around
Here is the advice which you can apply anytime you buy anything. Always shop around. You can find a cheaper price for your favorite brand, and likely a yet cheaper cost to get a different brand.

Use a Gasoline Credit Card
Gas credit cards are terrific! They can save you 5% – 10% off your gas purchase.

Buy Gas When the Weather is Cool
Gasoline is denser in cooler temperatures, such as in the daytime or at night. Gas stations measure volume, not density, so you’ll be getting more solid fuel than vapors, thus improving your overall gas mileage.

Avoid Gas Stations That Just Refilled Their Tanks
When underground tanks are refilled, particles in the bottom of the tank get awakened, and when these particles get into your gas tank, they affect the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Don’t Top Off
The gasoline pump needs time to draw out the entire amount of gas, so once you buy a little bit of gas the station, you get short bursts of fuel that you’ll probably pay extra for. You need to refill your tank when you have less than half a conversation left or when you find a price that’s so low you can’t afford to overlook it.

Don’t Use High Octane Gas
Most cars today are built to run on regular unleaded gas. Purchasing higher octane gas is simply a waste of money. Octane measures how hard it is to ignite gas, not the quality of the gas, so getting higher octane gas won’t improve fuel efficiency. You should only get these more expensive gases as soon as your engine pings, knocks or rattles.

Pump Your Own Gas
It is cheaper to pump your own gas in the self-serve stations as opposed to using the full-serve pumps. Full-serve gasoline naturally costs more.

Lessen Using Air-Conditioning
This suggestion is simple enough. Air-conditioning uses power, and they can decrease fuel economy by up to 20%. It’s a good idea to use the air ventilation system instead.

Plan Your Trip
It’s possible to avoid unnecessary driving by planning your trip before hand, and of course that saves you money on gasoline consumption.

Buy Vehicles That Get Good Mileage
This is probably among the greatest tips anyone can give on saving money at the gas pump. It is always better to buy vehicles that get great gas mileage. Check with your car dealer about cars that have better fuel economy.