Caring for your car maintenance can be quite rewarding if done correctly so here is a list of seven tips that can save you money on your car parts and service.
1. A well tuned car can includes a fuel consumption from 25% to 33% lower than a poorly tuned car building a tune-up less expensive than driving it, tuning your car for improved performance can save you between $150 and $250 each year.
2. No matter the amount of miles the guide recommends a oil change and filter change you need to change them every 3,000 miles. This is among the most significant aspects on your engine’s life because it is likely to prolong your engine’s life and you are likely to save on engine components. The potential savings are $500 to $3000.
3. Dirty air filter means more gas used and reduces the engine’s life so you should check it frequently, maybe monthly. The air filter can be cleaned by blowing it with a hose or may be substituted. You can save about $130 each year. .
4. Using steel-belted radial tires may increase the amount of miles you make annually by around 10%, saving this way about $130 each year.
5. Most cars, do not get the job done better on gas, therefore, unless your vehicle is pinging or knocking you should not use higher octane gas. If your car does not have a high performance engine, using the gasoline that is most appropriate for your car’s engine can save you $200 to $400 each year.
6. Getting under inflated tires makes your motor burn about 6 percent more gas so ensure you check your tire pressure frequently.
7. If your tires are improperly balanced the tread on them will be ruined. Moreover, your suspension and shock absorbers may be broken resulting in more cost on car parts and service. Balancing your tires once a year may add thousands of miles to your own life.