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How to Prevent Your Car from being Stolen

Posted on July 16, 2021 by Christopher Linn

Having your car broken into or stolen is a painful company that results in emotional upset and financial consequences. If your vehicle is stolen you will have the frustration of creating a claim on your auto insurance policy and you'll be seriously inconvenienced until it's replaced. If you've had possessions removed from your car then the odds are you'll feel violated, having lost something valuable or irreplaceable. This is a natural reaction to having someone enter your premises or choose something that's yours.

It is fairly easy to break into a car, windows can be crushed and locks forced. Fortunately however steps can be taken to stop the thieves in their tracks. If each driver follows the thirteen point plan under then insurance premiums may fall and the honest driver may keep their property into themselves. Keep your no claims bonus and also reduce your car insurance premiums by doing the following:

1. Never leave anything on display in your vehicle. Should you leave your bag, stereo, CD's, wallet or mobile phone lying around in your car, then It's going to become a target for thieves

2. Park your car under a street lamp or in well ventilated open area if possible. Thieves Don't Want to operate under a spotlight and are more likely to go for a car that is parked in a shady spot

3. Even better put your car in the garage every night if you have one and lock it. It's unlikely that car criminals will attempt to break into your garage to get to your Car

4. It seems obvious but always remember to lock your vehicle. Often car thieves are given an easy ride by people who leave their cars open

5. Try to park your car in a protected attended car park if you are leaving it everywhere

6. Have a car alarm fitted by an expert. This will deter a thief like nothing else

7. Purchase a steering lock and use it each time you leave your car

8. Have an immobiliser fitted that prevents the car from starting. This will make sure that even if the thief gains access to a car he/she will not be able to drive it away

9. Have a tracker fitted so that your car can be tracked if it is taken

10. Have your vehicle registration or vehicle identification number etched onto the windows, both windscreens and the headlights. This would deter a burglar going to disguise the identity of your car by changing its look

11. Put safety markers on your auto equipment. It's recommended that you put your vehicle registration on things such as your stereo

12. Never leave vehicle documents in your car as they could help a thief to sell it on

13. Place the aerial down in order to not give vandals temptation

Car crime is falling and people are taking preventative measures like those listed above, but figures show that a car is stolen every two minutes in britain, so odds are you could become a victim of car crime at any time. If you have been unfortunate enough to have your car broken into or stolen these are the next steps you should take:

- Firstly, allow the police know. You do not have to call them, just contact your local police station or the non emergency number. The police may want to learn as much detail as possible, like the make, model and registration of the vehicle, so ensure you know this.

- Notify your auto insurance provider to discuss your claim if you're making one. Letting your insurers know is quite important as the thieves might be involved in an auto crash and you may be implicated.

- If the vehicle is located your insurers should cover any repairs. If it's not found and you're likely to maintain, you need to present your purchase documents, registration form and any service documents.

Everybody is at risk from car crime. Even in the event you've protected yourself burglars can find a way to steal your vehicle and belongings. Be sure to have adequate car insurance so you may make a claim if you need it most.