Ever hear of hydrogen cars? This new breed of cars being developed far surpasses the present gasoline-electric hybrid cars so far as cleaning up the environment and diminishing the U. S. reliance upon foreign oil. Automakers expect to have hydrogen cars in the showrooms in another 5 – 10 years.

So, what is all of the hoopla about hydrogen? Plenty. Hydrogen is the most plentiful element in the universe. With such abundance, there’s absolutely not any change of exercising unlike the fossil fuels. If you remember your high school chemistry, you will know that water consists of two parts hydrogen and one part water.

Meaning that hydrogen could be made for hydrogen cars by dividing water via electrolysis. It only means that using fuel cells to power hydrogen automobiles, that hydrogen and oxygen can be run through a mobile (generating heat and electricity ) and joined together at the end of the procedure to make its only bi-productwater.

This implies that hydrogen fuel cell powered cars will only dispense a little bit of steam (water from the atmosphere ) and no pollutants. This sort of anti virus vehicle will assist with current smog issues, air quality-related health issues, greenhouse gases, global warming and the hole in the ozone. You simply can’t get a greener green car a hydrogen car.

What needs to happen to make this a reality? With present technology, the hydrogen cars are still too expensive for the consumer market, so costs will want to come down as new technology is developed. Additionally, the infrastructure will need to be set up to support a hydrogen highway system. Fuel stations, like the 15 currently working in California, will have to be expanded to a nationwide network. And possibly the most important part of having the hydrogen highway turned into a fact is stepping up economic production of hydrogen for use in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Hydrogen doesn’t occur in any substantial quantities by itself in nature. Hydrogen is found in chemicals however, such as in natural gas and methods may be employed to extract the hydrogen from the other chemicals. With present technology, the energy required to extract the hydrogen is almost the same as the energy obtained by the hydrogen itself, so more innovative and economical ways of producing hydrogen from solar energy, wind, hydro and gas reformation energy will be need that sufficient hydrogen is available to support the hydrogen economy.

It can be another 5 – 10 years away before the new field of hydrogen cars start rolling off the showroom floors, but h2 vehicles, since they’re already known are the”next big thing” in the automotive sector for this century.