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Top Things You Need to Know before Buying a Radar Detector

Posted on January 16, 2022 by Christopher Linn

A radar detector is a special device used in a car by drivers in determining if their speed is being monitored by local law enforcement officials. The term "radar detector"

Really comes from earlier speed-detection technology that used radio waves, that were pumped off moving vehicles using a device whereby police could ascertain if an individual's speed was what it ought to be.

This older technology utilized a Doppler type radio wave frequency and while it worked, it wasn't quite as successful as what officials use now. The radar sensors on the industry now are designed to fulfill the innovative equipment used by officials. Consequently, radar sensors now use several wavelength bands, which makes them a lot more sensitive. When contemplating a radar detector, you should consider the top five thing variables.


Since the technology of radar detectors has progressed through the years, they also have increased in price. Keep cost in mind when making your choice in that you could buy an inexpensive model for about $80 but it will probably not be as strong, dependable, or include all the bells and whistles you'd get with a $400 version. Therefore, begin by determining the quantity of money you need to spend and then start your shopping.


Based on the model of radar detector you go for, some can be mounted fast and simple on a dashboard while other versions have to be installed by a specialist. Knowing the sort of installation you need - self- or professionally installed can help you choose the store from which you'd purchase. As an example, if you should purchase from a retail store like Wal-Mart, you'd probably have to install the sensor by yourself whereas going to a shop that specializes in radar detectors, car stereos, and car alarms would provide you with a professional installation.

Brand Name and Band

Although you may pay a bit more for a new name, odds are you will end up getting a more reliable radar detector. As an example, some of the better brands currently on the market include Whistler, Uniden, Cobra, and Bel-Tronics. Additionally, try to pick a sensor that has the capacity of sensing wideband. In cases like this, the device should be capable of picking up the whole Ka band, together with K, X, and laser bands.

Sensitivity and Performance

The best radar detector would have great sensitivity. To put it differently, you need a unit with a minimum of 110 db so if law enforcement officials are far away or behind a bridge, the device would still notify you. Then, though it may cost you a bit more, look at a unit with memory, so you won't need to constantly reset adjustments every time you turn the device on.

Display and Volume

Finally, you need a radar detector which has a fantastic display. In addition to brightness at night, you also should see the screen when in bright sunshine, a frequent problem with many radar sensors. Then, an adjustable volume is a excellent feature.

In actuality, try to discover a radar sensor with a mute option. The advantage here is that in the event that you've got a cruiser supporting you in traffic, you can silence the sensor so it's not always going off.