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Turbocharged Cars - Top Ways to Keep on the Road Longer

Posted on November 26, 2021 by Christopher Linn

Turbochargers, many people have heard of these, but not many people can explain them. There are lots of different shapes and sizes of turbo-chargers, but there purpose will remain the same - to bring more air into the motor. The best way to think of a turbo is like a big fan, but instead of blowing air it consumes air and squeezes it into the motor. A turbocharger is also much different from a fan in that it's made almost entirely of metal and spins usually between 100,000 and 200,000 RPM's. Turbochargers constantly have fresh oil running to them to keep them lubricated and cool. Having a colder turbo means less wear on the moving parts and in turn means higher longevity and lesser loss of performance over use. There are many basic things to do to ensure a happy life for a turbocharger.

* I'd say one of the simplest ways for you to increase the life span of your turbo is allowing your car warm up before you push it and cool down until you shut it off. If you're wondering why it is important that you allow the car warm up here is why... when oil is cold it is very heavy and thick, and won't lubricate like its designed to that is never a great thing when something is moving as quickly as a turbo. Are you wondering why you need to allow the engine cool down before you turn it off? Consider your oven. Let us suppose you simply turned off the oven since you're baking something, simply because the oven is currently off doesn't mean its OK to reach in and grab the racks. It's likely to remain extremely hot for some time, and it's the same with your turbochargers. If you simply shut off your engine what will happen is the oil flow will stop and your turbo is still extremely hot and the oil left in there's just going to sit and boil and bake that is extremely hard on your turbo. If you don't enjoy sitting in your car waiting for it to cool down I suggest purchasing a turbo timer, it is going to keep your car running until the desired temperature is reached then it will shut itself down.

* Another great idea is that a"blow off valve" or recirculation valve; some cars come standard with them a few don't. Even if they come standard its smart to buy an aftermarket one if you're planning to modify your vehicle for more power. These valves do is prevent turbo surge. Turbo surge is what occurs when the throttle is closed and the turbochargers are still fostering. Something that's spinning as fast as a turbo can't stop and start instantly every time the throttle opens and shuts. So what happens if you don't have some sort of venting valve? The air made by the turbo will strike the closed throttle and turn around and start coming back where it came from which is extremely bad in your turbo and will almost confuse it between changes. Having a recirculation or blow off valve, it is going to vent the fresh boost without damaging the turbo.

* I think the number one thing you can do to keep your turbo running a very long time is change the oil! I think if you change the oil earlier than recommend and utilize some of the top oils it will maintain the turbochargers lubricated and cool, which is crucial.